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What Does a Fashion Designer Do?


 While many people believe that a fashion designer is involved only in creating the idea for a new garment, the fact is that the designer is actively engaged in just about every aspect of the process of bringing new fashions to the attention of the public. Here are some examples of how fashion designers create new designs and see the vision become reality.
There is no doubt that the task of the fashion designer begins with creating the basic design. Fashion design initially begins in several ways. Some designers create storyboards with sketches of new ideas. Others prefer to work with a sewing dummy and begin to use various pieces of cloth to come up with a new design. During this phase of the creative process, the fashion designer is translating the vision that he or she has seen in the mind’s eye, and giving it some sort of outward expression. Often, the initial design is refined as the designer comes up with the first basic prototype.


Definition of Fashion Designer: someone who designs clothing

Fashion Designer :

  • Your portfolio doesn’t have to be extensive, but it should provide a good snapshot of your interests and abilities. Required Skills The best fashion designers start with a vision for clothing, but success is often as much about business savvy as it is about creativity.

  • His sense of fashion should also include knowledge regarding what accessories complete an outfit. Other important fashion designer qualifications include the ability to design clothes as well as measure the fabric, cut pieces out accurately and sew them together in the correct sequence.

What is fashion collection ?


A fashion collection is a selection of outfits and individual garments that fashion designers put together every season and that reflect predictions of upcoming trends, including color, cut, line and proportion. A collection will usually include a variety of styles, from evening wear to sportswear to outerwear. The cut, coordinating colors and design elements of each style usually tie the items together. It's likely that a fashion designer will have two collections per year — one for the fall/winter season and one for the spring/summer season. The number of pieces included can range from as few as 30 pieces to as many as 120.
After the collection is finished being created and tailored, the designer usually puts on a fashion show. This allows potential buyers, such as distributors or retailers, to see each piece to see if they are interested in buying any of the garments. In the majority of fashion shows, models walk down a runway dressed in pieces from the collection.
Models in fashion shows often wear outlandish hair, makeup, and accessories to represent the designer's artistic vision about the clothing. Each garment itself usually is designed to be functional and appealing to the general public, also known as the mass market, although this can vary by designer. People's tastes change so frequently that fashion collections usually are designed with the idea in mind that the style, colors, and cuts will be out of style within one to two seasons.


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